35 Cruelty-Free Toys For Vegan Pets to Suit Every Budget 

Many pet toys are made out of feathers, fur, and wool or fall apart easily and are bad for the environment. However, there are plenty of cruelty-free and sustainable options for your pets to play with. 


  1. Cat Dental Mint Stick(Amazon)

The adorable green mint stick is cheap and an easy way to improve your cat’s dental health. It’s made out of real catmint, putting your cat in a playful mood. This cruelty-free toy has a 4.4 star rating with customer compliments on how “addicted” their cats are. 

Petstages Fresh Breath Mint Stick
  1. Cats Meow Chaser Toy (Amazon)

This As Seen on TV Cat toy will provide entertainment for both your cat and you as you watch your pet chase the moving mouse-wand under the cloth. It can be set up on the hard floor or carpet and has three different speed settings to try on your cat. 

Cat's Meow- Motorized Wand Cat Toy, Automatic 30 Minute Shut Off, 3 Speed Settings, The Toy Your Cat Can't Resist
  1. Cactus Tree Flower Scratcher

Beautifully handcrafted, by a small business, this colorful scratchpad is made out of durable corduroy that is gentle on your cat’s teeth and bite resistant. The rustling ball attached to the cactus makes this toy perfect for playtime, scratch time, and even naptime. 

  1. Snuggle Snake

Price: $20.00

Another toy that can be used for both play and nap is the snuggle snake. With colorful tie-dye patterns, this toy is made out of fleece and filled with organic catnip. It’s 78 cm (31 in) long and can coil up multiple times!

  1. “Meowijuana” Cat Sticks (Amazon)
Meowijuana | King Size Silverine Sticks | All Natural Matatabi Chew Sticks | High Potency Cat Treat | Cat Dental Health | Catnip Alternative | Feline and Cat Lover Approved

These chewy, natural sticks are anxiety-relieving and meant to help your pet relax. There are no artificial additives to this product so you can feel comfortable letting your cat chew on these catnip sticks. 

  1. Organic Cotton Cat Balls

Price: $14.95

Rather than most balls and chase toys for cats, these balls are made out of organic cotton instead of plastic. These toys are both durable and machine washable. 

  1. Pull A Partz Yarn

Price: $5.99 

Take a ball of yarn to the next level with this wool-free, polyester yarn. It is infused with catnip to provide even more fun and excitement. Once your cat unwraps the ball of yarn, there is a plush toy in the middle and there is a crinkly fun piece making it a three-in-one toy for an affordable price!

  1. Catnip Cyclone(Amazon)
Coastal Pet - Turbo - Catnip Cyclone Cat Toy - Aqua Mulberry

If you’re sick of your cat’s balls getting lost and stuck under furniture, this is the best toy for you and your pet. The ball stays in the round loop and as your cat plays and spins the ball around, a catnip aroma gets released to keep your cat interested for longer. 

  1. KONG Cat Tunnel 

Price: $20.99

This is hands down my cat’s favorite toy. It doubles as a secluded nap space and an exciting tunnel to run through and play in. Your cat will not get bored in the KONG tunnel; it features toys attached to the outside to help stimulate hunting instincts.  

  1. Beet Catnip Toy

Price: $9.00

If you’re a vegan who loves the produce section or spending time in the garden, these beet-shaped catnip toys might just make your day. These natural toys are made out of cotton, natural raffia, and hemp. By purchasing you will also be doing a good deed because this Etsy shop donates a portion of proceeds to animal rescue. 


  1. Eco-friendly Cotton Tug Toy 

Price: $9.38

Made with polyester and 100% recycled cotton, these handmade dog toys are durable even with the peskiest chewers. Not only are they environmentally friendly, the seller also donates a percentage of the proceeds to dogs in need. Affordable and adorable, these chews come in 9 different colors. 

  1. Hemp Bone 

Price: $7.79

Say goodbye to traditional rawhide bones and hello to Hambone, an eco-friendly cruelty-free alternative. With a 5 star rating, these hand-dyed, 100% hemp chew toys are puppy approved. However, the seller notes that they are not intended for large dogs or aggressive chewers. 

  1. Fleece Rabbit (Amazon)
SPOT Vermont Style Fleece Rabbit 6" | Fleece Dog Toy | Plush Squeaky Toy | Dog Stuffed Animals | Toys For All Dogs | Interactive Dog Toy | By Ethical Pet

This soft stuffed rabbit has a squeaky toy in the center and is perfect for fetch. It is heavily textured and made with naturally colored fleece. 

  1. Links 

Price: $16.99

Make your pup earn their treats. With links, your dog will be able to see and smell the treats and have to work to get them out of the treat-dispensing puzzle. Purchase multiple links and experiment with making different shapes and more challenging puzzles. 

  1. Hemp Rope 

Price: $15.99

Simple and sustainable, this hemp rope is an alternative to synthetic rope toys. It comes in 4 sizes: mini, small, medium, and large. This toy is biodegradable, mold-resistant, free of pesticides, and comes in eco-friendly packaging, making it the ultimate environmentally-friendly choice. 

  1. Doggo Toast 

Price: $9.50 

Let face it, avocado toast is both a delicious snack and the ultimate vegan aesthetic. It’s time to dogify the wonders of a slice of avocado toast. The toast is squeaky and the avocado is crinkly, what could be better? 

  1. Kong Classic(Amazon)
KONG - Classic Dog Toy, Durable Natural Rubber- Fun to Chew, Chase and Fetch - for Medium Dogs

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a dog that didn’t have one of these classic toys. It’s a staple and good for mental stimulation. And it’s made with natural rubber! Stuff the Kong classic with your favorite cruelty-free dog treats. 

  1. Kong CuteSeas Octopus

Price: $4.90 

The CuteSeas octopus is so cute, it might just become your dog’s new best friend. It is available in multiple sizes and is both squeaky and crinkly. Great for fetch or solo play!

  1. Triangle Tug

Price: $20

Made out of 100% natural rubber and cotton, this is a simple and durable toy. Your pup can tug on either end of the toy, providing multiple textures to keep them engaged in play.  

  1. Crunch Veggie Pepper (Amazon)
Petstages Crunch Veggies Pepper Dog Chew Toy, Medium

This isn’t a real pepper but it does make a satisfying crunch for your dog, satisfying their natural chewing instincts. You can also squeeze the pepper yourself to get your dog’s attention. 


  1. CooShou Hamster Wood Playground(Amazon)

This playground is made out of applewood and includes a feeder at the top as a reward for your hamster. You can even return the product within the first 30 days if you’re not satisfied. 

  1.  You & Me Hamster Cube (Amazon)
Petco Brand - You & Me Hamster Cube

The You & Me Hamster Cube attaches to wire hamster cages and is made out of colorful nylon. It’s a great place for hamsters to relax and feel secure or to play hide and seek. 

  1. Wooden Tube Toy

Price: $11.59 

This hamster toy provides amusing entertainment. The tube swing has a teeter-totter set up so you can watch your hamster have a blast wobbling on this toy. 

  1.  Trixie Suspension Bridge (Amazon)
Trixie Small Pet Toy Suspension Bridge

This wooden bridge features a rope hoop and fun ladders for your hamster to explore on. Your hamster can nibble on the bridge and the wood material simulate what they might encounter in the wild!

  1.  Trixie Frida Tunnel(Amazon)
TRIXIE Natural Living Frida Tunnel System, 47 x 22 x 15 cm

Another toy made out of natural materials, this two-story house will keep your hamster entertained. The house is big enough for larger hamsters and offers climbing, crawling, nibbling, and napping experience. 

  1. Rainbow Bridge(Amazon)

The rainbow bridge is small in size and perfect for any cage. It’s a great toy to practice biting and climbing for your hamster. 

Guinea Pigs 

  1. Chew Toys for Teeth (Amazon)
PD Bunny Chew Toys for Teeth, Natural Timothy Grass Small Animal Chew Toys, Mixed Grass and Molar Grass Cake and 2 Balls for Rabbits Chinchilla Hamsters Guinea Pigs Gerbils Groundhog Squirrels (8 pcs)

This set comes with 8 pieces that are made of sustainable materials and safe for guinea pigs or bunnies to chew on. The different toys have a variety of textures to keep your furry friend entertained. 

  1. Mini Shredder 

Price: $12.50

These handmade toys are made out of a variety of materials and textures including, wood, cardboard, loofa, cardstock, and woven palm flowers. They roll on hard surfaces making it an extra entertaining toy. 

  1. Carrot Game 

Price: $7.99

This interactive wooden game rewards your pet with treats. The game can be hung from a cage and treats can be placed under the wooden carrots. Watch your pet work to find the treats.

  1. Flower Rattle Ring 

Price: $7.90 

Made out of pinewood, paper, and paper rope, this toy encourages gnawing and prevents boredom. There are three color patterns to choose from. 


  1. Lizard Lounger (Amazon)

This webbed lounger for lizards is made of 100% natural materials and is a spot for lizards to climb or relax. The grass and hay materials will help keep your lizard at a stable temperature. It attaches to glass cages and surfaces with suction cups. 

  1. Lizard Ladder (Amazon)

The lizard ladder is easily attached to glass cages with its suction cups. The mesh ladder is triangular and offers stress relief and entertainment for your lizard. 

  1. Mossy Cave (Amazon)

This wood-based moss cave is ideal for reptiles who naturally live in forests or woodlands. It provides a humid environment and comes in a 6in and 9in size. 

  1. Lizard Toy Balls

Price: $8.00 

These toy balls offer a hole to place treats in for your lizard. They come in a variety of colors, which lizards are attracted to. 

  1. Bearded Dragon Seed Kit 

Price: $6.89 

Bearded dragons love to eat dandelions and now you can give your lizard its own personal dandelion garden. Everything needed to plant the dandelions is included and the dandelions will be able to grow indoors all year round. 


These items range in price, practicality, and sustainability, but they are all made out of vegan-friendly materials and have mostly high approval ratings from customers.

Sarah Eichstadt

I am a student at UW Madison where I study Political Science and Journalism. I have been vegan for over four years and love educating people about the lifestyle and learning more myself. Besides writing, my hobbies include running, cooking, hiking, reading, and any sort of outdoor adventure.

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